Advertising with Theatreland Ltd

If you would like to promote your restaurant, hotel, or any other service that would be of interest to our visitors then please contact us at: As you will see on our sites we only have a mininum of advertising space to offer, so your product offering does need to be of specific interest to the theatregoers viewing our site.

Listing your show with Theatreland Ltd

To list your theatrical production on a Theatreland site please email us: with details of the show and any associated images.

We will do our very best to list your show, but please be aware that for shows with performance runs of less than a week it is not always possible for us to list your show.

When we do list shows we do our very best to ensure that the details we show are as up to date as possible, but we cannot guarantee that we can keep up with schedule or cast changes. To update a show listing please email us: being sure to detail the show name, venue and city.

Become a Ticketing Partner

We use a variety of ticket partners around the world depending on the local market conditions. In all cases we only use industry leading partners who offer high quality, reliable ticketing services that can be trusted by the theatregoers using our sites.

If you represent a ticketing solution company that would like to distribute through our network of websites please do not hesitate to contact us: